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What is great about Bloglovin’ is that it allows you to find and follow new similar blogs to yours (via the similar blog section) discovering tons of bloggers with the same interest than yours !

I looooove Bloglovin! It’s such a great way for me to follow all my favorite blogs (including yours ! So go ahead and let me know :D) Sometimes you even get good surprises by claiming your blog with followers already waiting there for you !

Whether you’re a blogger who’d like to be connected to Bloglovin, or a serial blog reader that loves to get all its favorite posts in one daily feed, your experience starts w/ a free subscription to Bloglovin. 

Go to BLOGLOVIN’ and just follow the given instructions from there ! If you can’t manage and/or have any kind of questions you’d like me to answer, don’t ever hesitate to ask them via the below comment form. Can’t wait to hear about all of you ! xx

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  1. Cool post… I have a Bloglovin' account, but rarely use it!!! I agree though, it's a great way to follow blogs, as many bloggers have one!!

    All the Cute
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